Who We Are

We are a group of licensed trainers working together on interesting educational projects. We also consult, but teaching is our main objective.

Exchanging expericences on teaching in various places aroung the world let us adjust the class to needs of any client.

Our trainers are exclusively pratitioners – you can only teach, what you have experienced yourself.

Meet our trainers and partners

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Kate Hobler (Terlecka)


Jakub Drzazga


Daniel Skowroński


Beata Nowakowska


Katarzyna Ziemba


Magdalena Firlit


Paweł Kmiotek

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See what our participants think

"The Scaled Professional Scrum™ with Nexus training with Kate Hobler was an amazing opportunity to explore, discuss and learn about opportunities how agile can be scaled in an enterprise environment. Thanks, Kate!"

_David Dzamba,

PhD, Merck
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Collaborating with Kate Hobler (Terlecka) has been a bullseye. From that moment things started happening faster and working in Scrum has become a new reality - and over time a dailiness.

_Jakub Nadolny,

 Vice-Chairman of the Board, Net Team
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Every class offered by Brass Willow has been led with great charisma, engagement and backed with huge professional and domain knowledge.  

_Anna Konopa,

Training Programs Manager, Allegro Group
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I admire the skill of delivering knowledge in a workshop-interactive style, based on participants' experiences and building a strong relationship with the group. It was a pleasure to take part in this class gaining a huge piece of knowledge and being forced to ask myself tough questions about the objectives and purpose of particular elements of the process. Observing the great trainer skills have also been satisfactory. 


participant of Professional Scrum Product Owner course
red circle
I really liked the energy, examples, activities. Learned a lot even though I've worked for a few years with scrum teams. 


participant of Professional Scrum Master course
red circle
The results speak for themselves. I was able to pass the PSM II course on my first try, which only confirmed the satisfaction I had with the course and the trainer.

_Anonymous participant,

Professional Scrum Master II
red circle
Managed to keep us focused and on topic for the whole 3 days. One of the best I have had so far and I had many.

_Anonymous participant,

Professional Scrum Developer
red circle
Great atmosphere, a lot of knowledge about the nuances of Scrum. Every single one of my questions have been answered.


participant of Professional Scrum Master course
red circle
Very evolving class. Theory ideally balanced with practice. Visually satisfying.


participant of Professional Scrum Product Owner course
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The trainer is extraordinarily skilled in building relationships with participants.


participant of Scaled Professional Scrum course
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